VPN Service

The right and responsive support for your IT infrastructure.


rovide you a secure connection for main core of business and asset management, employees, and customers with a secure and reliable Internet connection to remote sites, then Virtual Private Network (VPN) is the service that you need. VPN allows a set of sites to communicate over the public Internet network, Cloud IQ provides several VPN services based on your business needs. It provides layer 1 leased line, layer 2, and layer 3 VPN based on MPLS, through protected mesh network with optional last mile connection (wireless, Fiber Optic).


VPN is easy to manage, extending the simplicity of the Ethernet LAN across the WAN. Cloud IQ ’s VPN network enables you to maintain full routing control of traffic, with no sharing of your routing table or IP addressing.

High-Quality Service Delivery.

Flexible Bandwidth Options.

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