MikroTik MTCIPv6E

Three aspects which are very important in any solution

MikroTik MTCIPv6E - Certified IPv6 Engineer Training Course

A comprehensive course on IPv6, including an introduction to the protocol and its differences to IPv4. A deep-dive will cover how IPv6 and its constituent parts function and interoperate. The theory will be complemented by hands-on labs using and configuring IPv6 in MikroTik’s RouterOS.

Designed for all network engineers and technicians wanting to deploy IPv6-based networks in enterprise and broadband environments. By the end of this training session, delegates will be familiar with IPv6 protocol and be capable to implement IPv6 network.

Due to the IPv4 address deficit, administrators are increasingly implementing IPv6 addressing in their networks. At the MTCIPv6E training, participants will learn how to work with IPv6 addresses: create entries in routing tables, configure a firewall, assign addresses for end devices, set up secure connections (VPN) between company branches. The concept of migration from IPv4 to IPv6 available to users of the RouterOS system will be presented.

During training students will learn about:

  • Introduction to IPv6 protocol
  • Address configuration in IPv6
  • IPv6 routing basics
  • IPv6 autoconfiguration (stateless (SLAAC, DHCP), statefull (DHCP))
  • IPv6 security
  • Transision Mechanisms (DualStack, 6to4, 6RD, Teredo, DS-Lite)

Have a minimum MTCNA knowledge

Be familiar with the TCP/IP protol and the OSI model

Have a basic experience with MikroTik