Enterprise Storage

Data is the most important asset of a company’s operation. And using a proper infrastructure to store this data makes all the difference from a responsiveness and availability perspective. Having access to the data wherever and whenever needed is key to being competitive in the market.

Whether you need a NAS to store files, a SAN storage to consolidate all your data, a backup solution to protect your data, an archiving platform, or a Big Data infrastructure, we can provide a solution optimized to work within your existing infrastructure, that perfectly meets your capacity and performance requirements with the capabilities you need, and matching your specific budget.

The Storage portfolio covers:

ENTRY-LEVEL storage platforms allow users to take advantage of the latest storage technologies in simple and efficient ways by providing a good balance between performance and budget resulting in a highly favorable $/GB return on their investment

ENTERPRISE TIER1 storage platforms deliver the performance advantages of a purpose-built, flash-optimized architecture without compromising resiliency, efficiency, or data mobility

SOFTWARE DEFINED storage provides complete storage array functionality for virtualized environments without the need for external array hardware. It eliminates the need for external shared storage required to implement advanced hypervisor features and is an integrated component of hyper-converged infrastructures