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offering varies from consultancy, project management, design engineering to full project execution


Cloud IQ Founded in 2014

we're motivated and inspired every day by how our customers use our products to find creative solutions to business problems

About Cloud IQ

Cloud IQ is the leading IT System Integrators in Iraq, providing its selective clientele with exceptional value-added services in Low Current solutions. Having solid engineering background Cloud IQ offering varies from consultancy, project management, design engineering to full project execution making it the best hub for a variety of demanding clients. With a technology driven focus, first class service and the finest engineering practices in place, the team at Cloud IQ has the exact qualities of providing excellence.
An IT infrastructure is the key to smooth functioning of businesses of any size
and networking forms the backbone of this infrastructure. 
Cloud IQ designs, implements, and maintains advanced information networks that provide high speed and secure means of data exchange and internal communications for enterprises. We design solutions that are based on network appliances from Cisco, MikroTik and other industry leaders, and server systems from Cisco, HP and Supermicro. Our systems enable businesses to streamline their processes and manage and expand their operation efficiently and with less cost.
The main goal of our R&D team is to provide our clients with a fully secure design and to support that design with reliable equipment. We able to empower our clients with cost-effective and innovative business solutions, and to deploy, integrate, and develop systems to make sure those solutions work. We offer solutions in several areas, including networking, communication, Security and Training.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help you safeguard your organization through cost-effective solutions designed by experts. We’re a leading provider of Training , Networking and communication solutions and have built a strong global presence with our deep technical expertise and proven track record.
Our comprehensive range of end-to-end solutions, combined with years of experience implementing fit-for-purpose solutions and assisting organizations to achieve what they are looking for, means we can support you throughout your project.

Our Vision

Our passion is helping organizations protect themselves, their customers, and their data from the ever-evolving threats of the digital world – whether through consultancy, toolkits, training, deployment, and support.
Our wealth of practical experience designing and implementing systems and services along with our wide range of end-to-end solutions, means we can help you throughout your project – whatever stage you’re at.
When it comes to protecting your data, you’re in safe hands. We’re at the forefront of cyber security and data protection Today, we’re proud to say that we’ve helped many organizations by implementing their infrastructure successfully based on international standards and certification.