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MikroTik MTCINE – Certified Internetworking Engineer Training Course

MikroTik MTCINE is the hardest and the more complex course track in MikroTik. Actually it is the one and only advanced course between all MikroTik courses and it requires as a pre-requisite the MTCNA course as well as MTCRE course.

As being a complex course, we decided to design this course in which we explain all topics of the MTCINE track. In this course, we will explain and do LABS about the Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) and Multiple Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) which are both considered very advanced topics and implemented inside the networks of the Internet Service Provider (ISP).

The MTCINE training is included the following:

  1. Module 1 border gateway protocol BGP.
  2. Module 2 multiprotocol label switch.
  3. Module 3 traffic engineering TE.

Basic networking knowledge

Basic TCP/IP protocol knowledge

Knowledge about Interior routing protocol such as RIP and OSPF

Who this course is for:

Engineers and students who wants to learn how to configure BGP routing protocol on MikroTik routers

Engineers who work in Internet Service Provider using MikroTik Routers and want to deploy MPLS

Students who want to be prepared for the MikroTik MTCINE exam