Virtualization Solutions

Stop waste, increase availability, and manage costs. Cloud IQ offers server virtualization and shared storage solutions that put your organization in an ideal position for future growth. Server virtualization prevents server hardware sprawl, which leads to unnecessary complexity, limited availability, and increased costs.

Virtualization help you to:

  • Reduce hardware requirements and operating costs by over 50%
  • Decrease data-center energy costs by up to 80%
  • Increase server utilization by over 25% or more
  • Always provide high availability for all users
  • Perform maintenance at any time without disrupting users and services
  • Eliminate recovery steps and simplify the process in the event of an emergency
  • always have access to critical business information regardless of business size
  • Maximize storage consumption and eliminate “points of failure”
  • Take advantage of easy scalability to ensure optimal end-user performance you’re ready for Virtualization.

We make It Easy. Our certified experts will virtualize your company’s servers by analyzing your current IT environment and business goals, providing you with a customized solution.

The main difference between Type 1 and Type 2 hypervisors is that Type 1 runs on bare metal and Type 2 runs on top of an OS. Each hypervisor type also has its own pros and cons and specific use cases.

Virtualization works by abstracting physical hardware and devices from the applications running on that hardware. The process of virtualization manages and provisions the system’s resources, including processor, memory, storage, and network resources. This enables the system to host more than one workload simultaneously, making more cost- and energy-efficient use of the available servers and systems across the organization.